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APOD was created as a sidebar gadget that manages to display the Astronomy Picture of the Day along with its explanation.
APOD is developed by a professional astronomer and can be used to help you find new things.

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Gadgets A-POD is a sidebar gadget that manages to display the Astronomy Picture of the Day along with its explanation. The gadget’s content is supplied by the A-POD RSS feed.
APOD Version History

The following is a list of all the major versions of APOD as far as we know:

1.0 – 14 November 2009
2.0 – 2 March 2010
2.1 – 10 March 2010
2.2 – 20 July 2010
3.0 – 3 September 2011
4.0 – 16 November 2011
5.0 – 22 November 2012
6.0 – 26 June 2013
7.0 – 19 September 2013


Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is a bot started by amateur astronomer Scott Manley in 2005. The code is available on GitHub.
Here’s a link to the documentation:

Stargaze (EP)

Stargaze is an EP by The Wonder Stuff, released in 1994.

Track listing
“Janet” (Low Fi Mix)
“Hot Glass”
“Janet” (Part Two)
“Hot Glass” (Part Two)


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Category:1994 EPs
Category:Modular Recordings EPs
Category:New Weird America albums
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(set-info :category “random”)
(set-info :status unknown)
(set-logic QF_UFBV)
(declare-fun v0 () (_ BitVec 10))
(declare-fun v1 () (_ BitVec 16))
(assert (let ((e2 ((_ extract 8 16) v0)))
(let ((e3 (! (bvult v0 e2)))
(let ((e4 (! (bvuge e3 e2)))
(let ((e5 (! (bvslt v0 e4)))
(let ((e6 (! (bvsgt v0 e4)))
(let ((e7 (! (bvuge v0 e2)))
(let ((e8 (! (b

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You can use this gadget to easily display the astronomy picture of the day. It is very easy to add and manage.

This is what the check list is.
Check list:
1. Uncomment the following line in the \utils\apod\apod.js file in the wp-content\themes\%yourtheme\plugins\apod directory
/* If running in WordPress 3.5+ add the next two lines */

TODO: Remove APOD in WordPress 4.0
Change APOD to all gallery items – have APOD be able to show “Next Image”, “Previous Image”, “Next Image (HTMl)”, “Previous Image (HTML)”, “Next Image (HTML)”, “Previous Image (HTML)”

Now i want to replace “TODO” by “Function”
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What’s New in the?

APOD is an application created by a professional astronomer that helps you to get an everyday glimpse of the night sky.

System Requirements For APOD:

The game supports a number of different platforms as listed in the following table, however, please ensure you take note of any specific requirements below.
CPU: 1.7GHz
Memory: 1GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
CPU: 2.0GHz
Memory: 1


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