Into the 1825 try authored during the Glasgow a-work named ‘The Historie and you may Ancestry of the house regarding Rowallane

Into the 1825 try authored during the Glasgow a-work named ‘The Historie and you may Ancestry of the house regarding Rowallane

The main of name in the Scotland is actually Mure of Rowallan, from inside the Ayrshire, whose nearest and dearest, terminating when you look at the an heiress, is starting to become depicted by the noble group of Loundoun, the head where try marquis of Hastings regarding the peerage of great The uk.

This, although not, are a blunder, while the David de Far more, of the house of Polkelly, Renfrewshire, appears as an observe in order to a constitution out-of Alexander II

From the Sir William Mure, knight, away from Rowallan, written in, otherwise prior to 1657.’ In which it is said it was a community of its home that they came to start with away from “the newest old tribe out of O’More inside Ireland.” Inside an email, new publisher, William Muir, states, “The fresh surname ‘More’ certainly occurs early in every the three Uk kingdoms, and that is most probably of Celtic provider,” and you can contributes, “in the most common very early site where the name is receive, accordant into the idiomatic entry to Celtic patronymics, the fresh new preposition de- is excluded, which very inevitably comes with most of the very early Saxon designations.”

Their replacement is meant to was basically Sir Gilchrist So much more, the initial of one’s term mentioned in the relatives ‘Historie.’

At the start of the rule away squirt from Alexander III., Sir Walter Cumyn took forcible hands of the property and you will traditions from Rowallan, “the master thereof, Gilchrist More, being redacted to have their defense to keep close in his palace off Pokellie.”

The second prominent themselves in the competition off Largs into the 1263, as well as their courage is knighted. “Of which day,” says the fresh new ‘Historie,’ “Sir Gilchrist was reponed in order to his whole inheritance, and you can gifted into the countries belonging to Sir Walter Cuming ahead of said, men perhaps not of your meanest of that effective tribe, and this having you’ll and you may count keeps scarcelie to this day been equaled inside belongings.”

The guy married Isobel, girl and heiress of your said Sir Walter Cumyn, plus new death of his father-in-legislation, the guy receive himself covered not just in the latest name and you can complete palms from his old heredity, but also from the border countries which the guy been successful to help you Sir Walter Cuming, into the sheriffdom from Roxburgh. Sir Gilchrist “disponed so you’re able to their kinsman Ranald Much more, who had been purposlie away from Ireland for their direction: on the time of their issues, at the fight regarding Largs, the grounds of Polkellie, and this have been completely the first heredity of your household members.

The original on the listing of your own family members is actually mentioned to own started the above-titled David de A great deal more

The guy died “concerning the year 1280, close to the 80 year off their decades,” and you can is actually buried “with his forfathers within his very own buriell input the latest Mures Island at Kilmarnock.”

He’d a son, Archibald, as well as 2 girl, E, the latest girlfriend out-of Sir Godfrey Ross, and you can Anicia, married so you can Richard Boyle out of Kelburne, ancestor of your earls away from Glasgow.

In the Ragman Roll, some of those barons exactly who swore fealty to help you Edward I. during the 1296, we find this new names out-of Gilchrist More of Craig and Reginald Alot more de Craig, that is, the new Craig out-of Rowallan. The former is actually said to have already been the new predecessor of the Mures from Polkellie, just who, Nisbet thinks, have been “the new stem of one’s Mures, and an enthusiastic ancienter family unit members compared to the Rowallan.” Aforementioned was at 1329 chamberlain off Scotland.

William More, the brand new man and successor from Archibald, partnered a daughter of the home off Craigie, next Lindsay, and with one or two d, exactly who succeeded him. From William honorable talk about is generated into the an indenture out-of truce that have England throughout the nonage out of Queen David, by which he’s appointed Sir William.

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