Leawo Powerpoint To Video Pro Serial Number _VERIFIED_

Leawo Powerpoint To Video Pro Serial Number _VERIFIED_


Leawo Powerpoint To Video Pro Serial Number

Leawo Powerpoint To Video Pro is powerful software for you to convert PPT files to various video formats, such as avi, flv, mov, wmv, mpeg, mp4 and so on. It can convert multipage presentations such as new, overview, zoom in/out effect, slides can be automatically insert in your video. The software can burn your video to CD, DVD, blu-ray discs or other formats.
Key functions include:
1. Make your PPT file play more smooth.
2. Make your PPT slides more aesthetic.
3. Compress your PPT file to save disk space.
4. Add more styles to customize slide show.
5. Edit PPT header and footer to the new video.
6. Split PPT/PDF file, merge and split multiple PPT slides into individual video file.
8. Mask PPT/PDF file.
9. Cut out PPT/PDF file into pieces.
10. Trim PPT/PDF file.
11. Burn PPT to CD, DVD and other formats.
12. Burn PPT to Blu-ray, DVD, folder or ISO image.
13. Create a template for PPT slides to burn a template DVD.
14. Create a template for PPT slides to burn a template folder.
15. Insert the slide show of PPT file in your template.
16. Burn the theme of the show.
17. Burn the theme of the show to different subtitles.
18. Combining and Burning PPT and PDF files.
19. Read PDF text to the video to the text can be found in PPT files.
20. Display the one with the title of PPT file.
21. Applying the same background or watermark to a series of PPT files.
22. Adding English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish subtitles to your video.
23. Apply watermark to the same PPT file for different subtitles.
24. Adjust the font size for PPT files.
25. Reorder PPT files or move the PPT files in folder.
27. Save as PPT: you can select to be output to a file or to the clipboard.
28. Output to PPT: you can add different background and slide show to your video.
29. Supports unicode,

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Leawo Powerpoint To Video Pro Activation Code

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Leawo Powerpoint To Video Pro

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Leawo Powerpoint To Video Pro Serial Code

You can easily use functions such as font, text size, the audio, and the
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