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This software was previewed on (11.97 MB) – Page 3 of 3 – How To on Feb 08, 2013 using random or unique free software.Scott Snyder Is ‘A Big Player’ In DC Universe Of Comics

Scott Snyder brought about some of the biggest changes to Batman that we’ve seen in a long time in BATMAN #0 (2014). This new and revamped take on the Dark Knight gave us a Batman that was a lot more of a true depiction and characterization of the character and the essence of what Batman is.

In the post-Crisis versions of the character, he became less of a vigilante. His job was to patrol the streets and fight crime. Of course, he still had many his skills and fighting skills that he used to take out criminals, but it was less than what it was before.

Snyder, with BATMAN #27, really came back to the roots of the Dark Knight. The way he envisioned Batman again, in BATMAN #0 (2014), is what he is before everything was altered and corrupted. Now Batman is really doing what he was created to do.

Why that sounds so strange is because, for a long time, Batman has been the smartest, most serious and careful. He takes his job as a world-protecting vigilante very seriously and has always taken it in his stride.

The Dark Knight has been flirting with the idea of suicide in the comics. Now, he’s having the whole thing put on hold and he’s going to go out swinging.

According to DC Comics, which first published BATMAN #0,

“Batman’s redemptive quest is about to take a dark turn. It all started with the Dark Knight plunging to his apparent death in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and now the Dark Knight has been reborn. But is Bruce Wayne the same old vigilante once again? And who is the mysterious figure known only as the “Dark Knight?” And if the Dark Knight is the guardian of Gotham City, who is the wicked “Nightwing”? These and many other mysteries are answered in the first-ever issue of the all-new limited series BATMAN #0: CONFESSIONS!”

The issue, which is a prequel to BATMAN #1, hits stands this Wednesday, August 28.

Visit CBR.com to get into the panel discussion that

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