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NOTE: Due to false positives generated by various antivirus engines, the program is stored in a password-protected ZIP file. The password for opening it is falsepositive.
The Mole02 variant of ransomware is mainly distributed via spam emails; it encrypts your files and leaves you with a ransom note which contains instructions for recovering them. Following these instructions is, of course, not recommended, especially since Mole02 Decryptor should be able to recover your files for free.
How you can identify the Mole02 ransomware
Just like other types of ransomware, Mole02 encrypts your files and requests payment in return for decryption. The message is contained in a TXT file which is opened once your files have been locked.
The encrypted files are renamed and are given the .MOLE02 extension, so it should be pretty easy to recognize which variant of ransomware you are dealing with.
Simple decryption utility for the Mole02 ransomware
The application is certainly not difficult to use. It does not come with a graphical user interface, and there are no settings for you to configure. All you need to do is launch the program and let it decrypt any files it encounters.
Once launched, Mole02 Decryptor will open up a console window and let you know that it has started decrypting files. You are not informed of the operation’s progress, however, so all you can do is wait.
When the utility has finished finding and decrypting files, it will display the “END” message and close the console window. At this point, you should check to see if all your files have been recovered.
Try out this tool if your files have been encrypted by Mole02
In a nutshell, Mole02 Decryptor is a very straightforward program designed to unlock all files encrypted by the Mole02 ransomware. It is easy enough to use, as it can be launched from any location and requires no configuration.
It lacks a graphical user interface, simply opening a command-line window that is closed automatically once your files have been found and recovered.







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Whether you are using a PC or notebook, it is inevitable that at one point or another, you will have to replace the system’s hard drive. Most of the time, this is a relatively straightforward task.
However, some computers, such as routers, NAS devices, and network attached storage (NAS) devices, are not only essential to your daily operation, but can be hard to replace since they are often built in to a larger unit such as a network cabinet or rack. The last thing you want to happen is lose your router, and there is really no substitute for having your network up and running.

In this case, you have no option other than to call on the services of a professional that can replace the hard drive of your desktop router. The only thing you need to do is evaluate your router’s warranty so you will know whether you can receive assistance from your supplier to replace your router hard drive.

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Router Warranty Info

In this article, we will learn more about the warranty that routers provide. While this can vary depending on the make and model of your router, you will likely be able to find all the information you need by reading the information that is included in the manual.

The first thing you will want to do to learn about your router’s warranty is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for looking up or printing the warranty document. Most manufacturers have an official support website where you can locate warranty info, and they will likely also give you a document to print or download which you can then use in the event of a warranty claim.

All routers include a service manual. This document is typically available for download from the manufacturer’s website, and is a quick way to find

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To protect your computer from harmful programs, you must periodically run an antivirus scan. But antivirus programs are extremely slow when it comes to detecting new malware, so you should not be too surprised if some malicious program is waiting to be active on your PC before it is discovered by the built-in antivirus solution.
Add-on and install the file to your system that is using as your antivirus.
Double-click on it to use the software.
Option : Browse and select the file to install.

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Freeware, portable, small size, all-in-one solution to Decrypt, Locate & Remove/Make Backup of PC.
A clone of a popular open-source program with all the goodies.
Automatically scans and finds encrypted files.
Can remove the lock from files and decrypt them.
Removes files that are corrupted.
Can restore files from backup/cloned drive.

Apart from how to decrypt your files, it is also best to keep a backup of them for future needs. You can restore a backup that you had made earlier in case a similar ransomware got installed, and even restore files that were deleted or mistakenly moved from one location to another.
To make a backup, this tool allows you to save everything in one spot and you don’t need to scramble to find individual files one by one.
All you need to do is scan your computer for encrypted files, select the files you want to backup and save them to your desired location. You can also set a scheduled backup, which will be set to run daily and make a backup of your files.
Ideally, you should make a backup at regular intervals and store it offline. Apart from having a copy, you can also restore files in case you get hit by a ransomware.
Mole02 Decryptor can do all of that. It automatically finds all the files that are encrypted by the Mole02 ransomware, makes backups and decrypts them.
If you are unable to decrypt files on a second attempt and the utility claims that your files are corrupt, it will scan through a list of possible causes and display files that could be the ones that are corrupted.
The utility allows you to restore all the files that you had backed up earlier.
Once that’s done, all your files should be back where they were before the ransomware got installed.
The best part about this software is the fact that it is free to use. There are no hidden fees and no registration is needed.
The utility does come in some handy presets, which can be set when needed.
The software also doesn’t make any unnecessary changes to your PC and it works quietly in the background.
If you are planning on making any changes to your computer, it’s probably best to do that in a safe environment, and that way you can be certain you won’t accidentally overwrite anything important.
Mole02 Decryptor is an open source tool available for Windows. It’

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The last week has been crazier than usual. Between finding my driver’s license while drunk in Atlantic City, dealing with the holidays alone, and, of course, work, I barely had time to sleep a few hours a day. I’m happy for that because my writing schedule got pulled completely out of whack. The consequence? Less blogging for you guys. That is about to change starting today, though. Along with the new year I’m also graduating this year and doing some thinking about my next step.

In the meantime, I have some good news, things from Supernatural I missed in previous years. The final post in the 5th year tag is titled: Perfection is never attained, only pursued. Now, some of you may know the source of this lyric, but I don’t. The source of this lyric remains a mystery to me, so please don’t argue about it with me. I will leave you to debate the significance of this lyric with each other. Personally, it reminds me to stop and actually appreciate the world around me, which is somewhat crazy to say given the state of the world.

With that said, I have a few things to make up for. Here are my lists and tags for 5th year:

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I also have a list of my best friends that I made recently:

1. Lewith

2. Hasu

3. Azazel

4. Rolsey

5. Kelliroy

6. Raul

7. Ty

System Requirements For Mole02 Decryptor:

Microsoft Windows 8.0 (64-bit or 32-bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit or 32-bit), Microsoft Windows XP (64-bit or 32-bit), Microsoft Windows 2000 (64-bit or 32-bit), Microsoft Windows NT (64-bit or 32-bit), or Apple Mac OS X 10.8 (64-bit)
4GB free hard drive space
DirectX compatible video card

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