The Sweet Guya€™s Help Guide To Meeting Women in Belgrade, Serbia

The Sweet Guya€™s Help Guide To Meeting Women in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade are somewhat off of the tourist radar, rather than because prominent as Scandinavia, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. However, in the event that you head to, you will not feel dissatisfied from the appealing Serbian babes walking on all day during the summer. However, it’s wii night-game location.


To start the night time, you are able to go right to the sitting bar-restaurant area at Skadarlija, with including the Red Bar. However, this really is extra getting food and pre-drinks, and never truly for pickup. Furthermore, look at the concealed square that has been rather difficult to get initially, for several most alternatives. I only came across this the final nights before I leftover. It is behind red-bar, merely easily accessible through Cetinjska Street.

The Splavs

Next, go right to the Splavs. These are typically drifting motorboat clubs from the Sava River. Walk from Savamala, across the a€?Brankov mosta€? bridge. The Splavs will be the watercraft on the right-hand area, right after your mix the bridge. There are a few other Splavs but these include major your. In cold weather, a number of the Splavs near down, and those activities proceed to the city in houses rather. In the same way, the metropolis organizations tend to be closed in the summertime whenever Splavs tend to be available.

The Splavs are particularly touristic (which is not fantastic, it really is like a a€?tourist trapa€?). I compensated 500 Serbian Dinar receive inside Tag Splav. When inside the house, there’s singular large space, an awful sex proportion, in addition to noise degree become maxed down. After Label I decided to go to Freestyler Splav. There was clearly no entrance charge but the just like Tag internally, with easily 80percent guys and 20percent ladies.

Therefore, the females possess upper submit these organizations. While 5 people would contend for 1 female. These ladies are mostly unfriendly, perhaps the ugly babes bring high a€?bitch-shieldsa€?. (therefore it’s probably the contrary associated with ladies in e.g. Helsinki). Plus, you’ll find the ladies with silicone mouth that are merely wanting a wealthy guy with revenue to toss around.

If you means a female in friends with guys, the guys can look at your surprisingly: a€?who’s this guy and so what does the guy want?a€? But its most refined, as if they are disapproving, but nevertheless perhaps not totally intolerant. The local dudes did not look like they will see aggressive unless you’re inebriated and trigger all of them. The women mainly stay in their unique personal groups. And so they go back home a great deal earlier than the guys.

To conclude, do not check out Belgrade for all the nightlife. At night, it is mostly a a€?social circle gamea€? area. (Disclaimer: I visited Belgrade in the summertime, and thus this blog post isn’t a complete decision on the winter months lifestyle.)


Daygame is great. You can find breathtaking Serbian women overall in the day time hours. Plus, Belgrade was a secure city, still unfettered by vices of globalism. The pedestrian road, Knez Mihailova, could be the highlight. But wherever your walk-in Belgrade you will discover daygame possibilities.

I did so have a look at unique Belgrade as well, but it’s solely domestic and commercial. There is nothing to see apart from maybe looking into the shopping malls. On top of that, one or more origin recommended Ada Ciganlija, basically a swimming lake for any summertime.

I’dn’t declare that the girls were easy. They restrain their real emotions. It is similar to they truly are attempting to conform to the social stress a€“ not handing out their particular rates also quickly until you render a powerful impression. Nonetheless, you’ll have a very good time.

Online dating sites in Belgrade

I managed to get the flag from using the internet (Tinder). The girl got a little inhibited just like the different Serbian babes, yet still opened up sexually reasonably quick regarding night we met. There wasn’t a lot of people to swipe in the heart of the town (older Belgrade). I obtained close suits but went regarding women within a 5km radius after 4 or how to hookup in Hollywood California 5 days. So I needed to greatly enhance my personal radius, which gets a little more challenging to arrange a date.

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