Which means the greater amount of conversions you create, the larger may be the payout

Which means the greater amount of conversions you create, the larger may be the payout

CPA – price per acquisition/action/sale – Any sort of purchase, phone it bank card or credits, such a thing done to update from a free profile to unlock complete abilities is just a transformation and you will see some form of re payment. An alternative choice could be our payout that is tiered plan, your profits derive from the sum total amount of conversions you create.! THIS COULD EASILY GO AROUND 200 Euros or maybe more. CPL – Cost per free lead/Pay per free lead – Is defined within our case as DOI (double opt in) e-mail verification needed, once once again the payout can vary greatly by Geo, however it can move up to 20 EURO. It is all based on your transformation price & quality of one’s traffic. Some type of BONUS will use aswell, please contact us straight to find out more or make contact with your devoted account manager. Life Revenue Share – You can make a share of any transformation per life, UP TO 80%. Affiliate Referral scheme – Promote our Love income system to many other feasible publishers/webmasters/networks and make 10% on everthing. Hybrid discounts can also be found – CPA + Revshare, CPL + CPA please contact us or your devoted account supervisor for lots more details.

Just just What nations can you accept traffic from?

All the rest of the Geo’s not being found in the above description may be promoted through our International offer over 35 different territories available – South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, International defined as tlds.

Where may I find my unique url?

To have a joint venture partner linkcode, look at the provides web web page in the affiliate side of Loverevenue, and select an offer. Linkcode is similar to monitoring Link. You can find four kinds of linkcodes that Loverevenue will recognize: 1. Encoded Links 2. Un-Encoded Links 3. Shortname hyper Links 4. Tiny Address hyper hyper Links All four kinds support the exact same information and work exactly the same way, they have been just exhibited differently.

To improve the types of rule you employ by standard, go to your Affiliate Display Settings.

How to add SubIDs or Click id to my linkcode?

SubIDs are an attribute in LoveRevenue which allows affiliates to team and organize traffic that is incoming, allowing for lots more specific monitoring of provides and promotions. These subIDs sets, composed by individual SubIDs, create unique linkcodes, which permit you to separate and categorize data created by visitors referred during that linkcode only. This makes it feasible to investigate online traffic which comes from various sources by uniquely tagging particular links and content. Affiliates may also utilize subID sets to avoid their specific subID data from becoming messy and hard to evaluate.

Where and exactly how can i spot a pixel?

Please be aware that individuals just make use of Postback (S2S) technique which you can use for customized transformation monitoring.

Personalized Loverevenue Pixels will allow you to definitely set a worldwide pixel in Loverevenue which will run each time a transformation takes place. See this web web page from the My Account tab, after which Personalized provide Pixels. When configuring the conversion urls for the customized pixels, you could add predefined factors which is available.


Replacement Variables percent%aff_id%% – Your affiliate ID. Percent%offer_id%% – The ID of this offer. Percent%aff_campaign%percent – The campaign utilized. Percent%transaction_hash%percent – The transaction ID of this transformation. Percent%commission%percent – The payment linked to the transformation. Percent%decimal_commission%percent – The payment associated with the transformation in decimal structure. Per cent%aff_approved%% – Your auto-pending status. Percent%orderid%% – The deal identifier from the advertiser.

How can I receive money?

You shall be compensated via Paypal, Pioneer or Bank Wire Transfer.

What’s the minimum amount needed to get compensated and exactly what are the re payment terms?

Our re re payment terms are, Twice per month with one period delay, month-to-month web 15 additionally available plus the minimum amount needed is 100 euros.

Every other concerns maybe perhaps not present in our FAQ please email us at support@loverevenue and we also shall attempt to update our FAQ as quickly as possible.

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